New AuthPoint SAML Integration Makes Web Single Sign On (SSO) More Efficient

17 Mar 2022

New AuthPoint SAML Integration Makes Web Single Sign On (SSO) More Efficient

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16 Mar 2022 By Fabio Mansur

AuthPoint now offers a SAML integration that allows admins to add custom attributes directly into the generic SAML resource configuration, which provides additional integration capabilities outside of documented integrations.

This feature will give partners, customers and prospects a great flexibility and speed when adding new protected resources. For example, Multiple out-of-the-box optional attributes are available, such as e-mail, first name, groups, or just a fixed value.

Key benefits for AuthPoint admins

  • Quick and fast deployment when needed: Most SAML-based integrations can now be easily integrated, even if not tested yet by our ecosystem team
  • Usability: You can now select an icon of your choice for generic SAML integrations, making it easier for users to identify and access the application

About AuthPoint integrations

SAML is a business-oriented protocol that creates a trust relationship between the Cloud application, such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Tableau, and more, with an identity provider (like an MFA solution).

AuthPoint provides more than 150 document integrations with third-party solutions that use the SAML protocol, including Cloud applications. However, adding a SAML integration helps meet needs that sometimes-documented integrations fail to do, due to specific attributes that some Cloud vendors require. For use cases like this one, we are giving admins the ability to build customized integrations.

No urgent action is required for the Cloud/SAML applications that have been configured, but admins can now switch the icon to one that better identifies the application.