NeuShield Newsletter (Volume 1)

12 Nov 2020
by Elisha Riedlinger, COO of NeuShield
  • Why backup struggles with ransomware
  • New support options
  • About NeuShield
Why backup struggles with ransomware
Ransomware has become the scourge of many businesses and is likely not to disappear as a threat anytime soon. If anything, ransomware is on the rise, as evidenced by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which has observed an increase in ransomware attacks across the world so far this year. That proves to be troubling news as many organizations have recently adopted work-from-home policies.
Traditional backup solutions often were not effective when dealing with a ransomware infestation simply because backup was only designed to recover from file deletion, corruption or catastrophic hardware failure.
However, in the case of ransomware, backup has little ability to remove the threat or clean up an infected system.
Typically administrators will need to format a computer and create a clean environment before restoring data from a backup. This is something business owners would only discover after spending numerous hours on restoring a backup. This was proved out by some ad-hoc testing.
Ad-hoc Testing 
Testing was performed on a virtual machine environment running Windows 10, with files synced to both Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. A ransomware attack was conducted using BadRabbit and Unlock92, two pieces of ransomware that can be found in the wild, and are often used as a starting point for many cyber criminals.
Testing methodology consisted of starting with a restored VM snapshot (to set up the basic system for testing), executing the ransomware, then using a recovery method to restore the OS and the damaged data files. The results of the tests exemplify the differences between the different recovery methods and offer a practical assessment of how NeuShield can benefit a business that has suffered a ransomware attack.
Recovery Method OS Recovery  Cloud Data Recovery
Success Time Success Time
NeuShield Y 7 mins Y 2 mins
OneDrive N 1-8 hours* Y 25 mins
Google Drive N 1-8 hours * N Data Loss
Macrium Y ~1 hour** Y 30 mins**
* Based on Microsoft’s time of one hour to install Windows, plus any additional time to install patches and applications and set up email and other custom settings required by the user.
** Macrium requires a reinstallation of the OS and the Macrium software before it can do a full restore on the original OS and data from the backup image. In the latter case, it took 30 mins.
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New support options
I'm happy to announce that we have updated our support portal to allow customers to see a list of all their cases, both open and closed case, and the status of each case.
We were also able to display case notes and any updates we have on the case. This allows customers to easily see what is happening with their open cases.
About NeuShield
NeuShield, Inc. provides Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT managers with the perfect solution to ensure all their PCs and servers are fully protected against ransomware and other threats that could impact their business. NeuShield’s award-winning Mirror Shielding™ technology enables you to recover your data instantly, without relying on backup or rollback, from any kind of corruption, deletion, or encryption due to cyber threats.
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