Cloudbric is a cloud security corporation who launched Cloudbric WAF+, Korea’s first SaaS type cloud security platform and has attracted overseas customers, won various awards, and held patents based on APAC’s best security technology.

Cloudbric provides a secure platform with global cloud and edge computing security that protects everything from not just corporate servers but also personal devices to IoT devices and provides services that minimize personal hacking damage by storing, sharing, and blocking cyber threat information such as personal mobile device protection, hacker wallet addresses and phishing URL lists on a blockchain basis.

Cloud-Based WAF


Cloudbric WAF+

No.1 in the Asia Pacific – WAF with A.I & Logic-based detection engine, Fully Managed Web Application and API Protection.

Cloudbric WAF+ lowers the already best-in-class false-positive rates. It detects not only the traditional attack patterns but also the modified or new attack methods. We show you not only how the attack happened, but WHY.

Cloudbric console page

Console page of Cloudbric WAF+ - Web Application Firewall

Risk & Threat

What could cyberattacks cause you?

More than 95% of WAFs opted by companies are pattern matching WAF.

The old generation WAFs have signature pattern matching systems that cannot detect zero-day attacks and have the higher false-positive rate.


  Cloudbric Competitor A (US) Competitor B (JP)
True Positive Rate (Higher is better) 92.50% 75.31% 77.50%
False Positive Rate (Lower is better) 2.19% 6.88% 10.63%
False Negative Rate (Lower is better) 7.50% 24.69% 22.50%


Higher false positive means it mistakes your legit customers as hackers and blocks them out.

How is Cloudbric WAF+ different?