128 Technology

Smart, Secure Routing That Does Exactly What Your Business Needs.

The 128T Networking Platform takes distributed, software-defined routing to an entirely new level. This innovative networking solution enables enterprises and service providers to build service-centric fabrics that deliver breakthroughs in simplicity, security, performance, and savings. And most importantly, it creates a networking environment that delivers the agility businesses need to move with their customers and outpace their competitors.


Product Components

Our platform is comprised of two primary components: the 128T Session Smart Router and the 128T Conductor. Together, they form a single logical control plane that is highly distributed, and a data plane that is truly session-aware. The 128T Networking Platform supports a wide range of deployment models scaling from a small branch office to a high capacity edge router to a hyper-scale software-defined data center.

Session Smart Components
128T Session Smart Router

The 128T Session Smart Router combines a service-centric, control plane and a session aware data plane to offer IP routing, feature-rich policy management, improved visibility and proactive analytics.

128T Conductor

The 128T Conductor is a centralized management and policy engine that provides orchestration, administration, zero-touch provisioning, monitoring, and analytics for distributed 128T Session Smart Routers – while maintaining a network-wide, multi-tenant service, and policy data model.

Make sure your new SD-WAN is Session Smart™

SD-WAN is changing the game for organizations that need agile WAN connectivity at a lower cost. But why go through the trouble of upgrading to SD-WAN on yesterday’s technology, when you can deploy one smart enough to understand and dynamically adapt to the applications it carries?
Session Smart™ Routing from 128 Technology makes SD-WAN smart, letting the network speak the language of applications and services, and adapt automatically to the requirements of individual sessions and user segments. You get better performance at lower cost… dumping clunky, hard-wired tunnels and middleboxes in favor of a software-based routing fabric that has Zero-Trust Security and Centralized Orchestration right out of the box, with session awareness, stateful firewall, and load balancing baked right in to the routers themselves.

An SD-WAN Solution that Checks all the Boxes

At 128 Technology, we start with a simple idea: The only reason you need a network is to support the applications and services the business needs. Our SD-WAN solution is built on our revolutionary Secure Vector Routing standard, which means you’ll get everything you were looking for from SD-WAN with the enhanced security, performance, agility, and cost savings only Session Smart™ Routing can deliver:

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