Our top selection products
GAICO offers carrier-class compatible 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps, and 40Gbps optical transceivers that meet OEM specifications and adhere to ISO 9001 and TL9000 standards.
Genians provides the industry’s leading Network Access Control (NAC) solution, which ensures full visibility of all IP-enabled devices.
The Seclore Data-Centric Platform brings together best-of-breed Data-Centric Security solutions with existing Enterprise systems to streamline the discovery, identification, protection and tracking processes.
Award-winning, enterprise-grade protection for SMBs and distributed enterprises in one cost-effective, centrally managed solution.
As valued added distributor, we provide also services for Professional Services, WatchGuard Distributor Support, Backup Unit Rental, and Training Center.

We provide professional personnel with certified and qualified and knowledge of our provided products and solutions.
For maintenance services we have WatchGuard Distributor Support, and backup unit rental.
To enhance technical team skill, we also providing training centre for WatchGuard training solution.

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